Our Missions

UTD Outreach

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Focuses on reaching out to students in the nearby by UTD campus.

The first Saturday of every month, church members fellowship, make relationships, provide assistance, pray and share the love of Christ at the Calvary Pentecostal Church.

Good News Club

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Focused primarily on children from refugee communities, through Bible stories, activities, plays and other fun activities, we sow the seeds of the Gospel in the young minds and build relationships while these families settle into their new home, the United States. We meeting are conducted monthly & also special events like VBS, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Foreign Missions

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The projects in flight with the CPC Foreign Missions Team are the following. If you are interested to know more about or to provide support to any of the below please contact the Foreign Missions Director.

Adika Jivana

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The church has partnered with Project Rescue to support the Adika Jivana project. The goal of Adhika Jiivana is to reshape the lives of young girls who are otherwise subject to abuse. The ministry encourages, inspires and empowers them to lead a dignified life free of violence, abuse and exploitation. This allows a natural transformation into the hearts and showing the path to Jesus Christ.

Foreign Missions:

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Calvary church supports various foreign missions  to establish new churches, train missionaries and establish other social welfare programs.

Community Outreach

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Luke 6:45 A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart.

Community Outreach Mission/Vision: Our mission is to combine the aspects of charity and community service through monthly events, to reach out to specific and unique people groups locally, all while displaying the genuine love of Christ. A vision to grow and mature a servant heart of Christ and grow in fellowship, while blessing the neediest of God’s people. As the hands and legs of Jesus Christ, the people of Calvary bless the community around us and the Body of Christ through active service, sharing and giving. Our community outreach and charity programs involve and motivate all age groups to participate in sharing the blessings and caring for the community. The members of Calvary are generous with their time and resources in blessing the homeless, partnering with food banks and extending a helping hand across the community.

At Calvary Pentecostal Church, we have many opportunities, we are looking for the voluteers and partners to our mission.
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